Wednesday, May 11, 2016

man-pages-4.06 is released

I've released man-pages-4.06. The release tarball is available on The browsable online pages can be found on The Git repository for man-pages is available on

This release resulted from patches, bug reports, reviews, and comments from around 20 contributors. The release includes changes to just over 40 man pages. Among the more significant changes in man-pages-4.06 are the following:

  • A new cgroups(7) page documents container groups, and includes some information about cgroups version 2, which was officially released in Linux 4.5.
  • A new cgroups_namespaces(7) page documents cgroup namespaces, which will shortly be released with Linux 4.6. Corresponding changes have also been made in the clone(2), setns(2), and unshare(2) pages.
  • The readv(2) page adds documentation of the preadv2() and pwritev2() system calls added in Linux 4.6.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Under what license are man pages released?

Is it permissible to copy verbatim a string (or several) from a man page and display the text from a proprietary program?

For example, one of the possible errors generated by a call to open (2) is EINVAL and the corresponding meaning from the
man page is "Invalid value in flags".
In my proprietary program can I include the string "Invalid value in flags" and display it in the event of an EINVAL error?
Same goes for all the other error codes / strings for this function.