Tuesday, October 23, 2007

man-pages-2.67 released

Yesterday I uploaded man-pages-2.67 into the release directory. The changes in this release are primarily formatting fixes, and the addition of a PROLOG section to the 1p and 3p (POSIX) pages giving a clear indication that these are POSIX man pages (so as to prevent readers wrongly understanding that they are looking at a description of Linux behavior).

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Work in progress

A few days ago, I released man-pages-2.66, which included the page that David Chinner wrote for fallocate(2), a new system call in Linux 2.6.23. Work on man-pages-2.67 is done, and I'll upload it soon; meanwhile, I'm working on man-pages-2.68, and also working on a website for man-pages.

Getting started

So this is the first of a series of irregular posts about my work on the Linux man-pages project, and related topics, like kernel-userland API testing and API design review. (I did a talk on the latter topics at LinuxConf Europe 2007, and Jon Corbet was kind enough to do a sympathetic write-up on lwn.net. I also covered some of the same ground at the 2007 Linux kernel summit.)