Thursday, August 21, 2014

man-pages-3.71 is released

I've released man-pages-3.71. The release tarball is available on The browsable online pages can be found on The Git repository for man-pages is available on

As well as many smaller fixes to various pages, the more notable changes in man-pages-3.71 are the following:

  • A subheading "C library/kernel ABI differences" has been added to various pages that describe cases where the glibc wrapper for a system call provides some different behavior from the underlying system call.
  • Details about the ancient Linux libc (which ceased to be used in the late 1990s) have now been removed from various pages.
  • A new group_member(3) page documents the group_member() library function.
  • A new isfdtype(3) page documents the isfdtype() library function.
  • Vince Weaver added documentation of various new perf_event_open() features to the perf_event_open(2) page.
  • I've added documentation of a number of /proc files to the proc(5) page.