Sunday, June 15, 2014

man-pages-3.69 is released

I've released man-pages-3.69. The release tarball is available on The browsable online pages can be found on The Git repository for man-pages is available on

Aside from minor improvements and fixes to various pages, the notable changes in man-pages-3.69 are the following:

  • A new iconv(1) page by Marko Myllynen documents the iconv command provided by glibc.
  • A new iconvconfig(8) page by Marko Myllynen documents the iconvconfig command provided by glibc.
  • Jeff Layton has added documentation in the fcntl(2) man page of the new "open file description locks" that was added in Linux 3.15. (In addition, I've made a number of other updates in this page, mainly to do with file locking commands.)
  • Peng Haitao continues adding information about thread safety in various manual pages, and has been joined in this task by Qian Lei.

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