Thursday, March 7, 2013

HTML man-pages on now redirect to

While things were repaired following the 2011 break in, it ceased to be possible to update the HTML man pages renderings that I have for a few years maintained there. So I started placing updated renderings on my own domain, Even after the infrastructure was fully restored, it was still somewhat cumbersome to update 2000+ HTML pages at that location, so I subsequently continued to update the renderings at only

Notwithstanding the fact that they are now significantly out of date, the renderings have continued to see a lot of traffic. For that reason, I've asked the admins to set redirects from the URLs on to equivalent URLs on All old links should just work; please let me know if there are any breakages.

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Pádraig Brady said...

Cool thanks. I notice in Firefox 13 at least that the text is massive and I need to zoom smaller 3 times to get it back to normal size.