Wednesday, May 2, 2012

man-pages-3.40 is released

I've released man-pages-3.40. The release tarball is available on The browsable online pages can be found on The Git repository for man-pages is available on

The most notable changes in man-pages-3.40 are as follows:

  • A new process_vm_readv(2) page (created by Mike Frysinger based on material from Christopher Yeoh, with additions by me) documents the process_vm_readv() and process_vm_writev() system calls.
  • The prctl(2) page adds documentation of the PR_TASK_PERF_EVENTS_DISABLE and PR_TASK_PERF_EVENTS_ENABLE operations.
  • A new mcheck(3) page (by me) documents the mcheck(), mcheck_check_all(), mcheck_pedantic(), and mprobe() functions.
  • The rcmd(3) page adds documentation of the rcmd_af(), rresvport_af(), iruserok_af(), and ruserok_af() functions.
  • The rexec(3) page adds documentation of the rexec_af() function.

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thanks for your work! LPI is a great resource