Sunday, February 19, 2012

Seeking a Solaris test system

The Solaris system that I used for comparative tests connected with the man-pages project (and also for code in The Linux Programming Interface), has gone away. If you (or someone you know) would be able to provide me with ssh access to a Solaris box in order to run test programs, that would be much appreciated. I'd only be using it occasionally (probably weeks between logins) and running small test programs (we're talking code with minimal CPU and RAM requirements). Please email me at


moyyyy said...

Does it have to be solaris? What about Illumos or Nexenta? Those are free forks that you can probably run on your own. I think they have a bunch of core developers of Solaris backing them.

Michael Kerrisk said...

Solaris would be best, though Illumos or Nexenta could be interesting. I actually don't want to run the system on my own--the frequency with which I need the system doesn't justify the effort, which is why I'm looking for login access on someone else's box.

Arnd Bergmann said...

I would recommend just downloading the live image from

and running that in kvm.