Tuesday, September 20, 2011

man-pages-3.33 is released

After a long gap, I've released man-pages-3.33. Given the ongoing problems at kernel.org, the various pieces of the release are at different locations than usual (and possibly some of these locations may become permanent). The browsable online pages can be found on man7.org; the release tarball is available here on kernel.org.

A git repository for man-pages can be found on github kernel.org.

The most notable changes in man-pages-3.33 are as follows:

  • The sync(2) page adds documentation of the syncfs() system call that was added in Linux 2.6.39.
  • The syscalls(2) has been updated to be current as at Linux 3.1.
  • The syslog(2) page adds documentation of the CAP_SYSLOG capability added in Linux 2.6.37.
In addition, various fixes were made in many other pages.


東京 said...

Fantastic. Very useful.

Michael Kerrisk said...

Thanks Jon!

luodawei said...

Thanks for your new online man-pages location.I look for a while after kernel.org shutdown.thank you very much.

Przemoc said...

Good to see man pages update! Instead of SSH URL (git@github.com:mkerrisk/man-pages.git) you should rather mention GIT one (git://github.com/mkerrisk/man-pages.git) or HTTP one (https://github.com/mkerrisk/man-pages.git).

It's maybe worth to add that sendfile() improvement is available also in 2.6.32 since .30, so it's e.g. already in debian stable for some time.

Michael Kerrisk said...

@Przemoc: thanks! I cut and pasted without thinking...