Saturday, June 26, 2010

man-pages-3.25 is released

I've uploaded man-pages-3.25 into the release directory (or view the online pages). The most notable changes in man-pages-3.25 are the following:

  • A new migrate_pages(2) manual page, written by Andi Kleen, documenting the migrate_pages() system call (added to Linux back in kernel 2.6.16).
  • A major update of the quotactl(2) manual page. This update incorporates material from the version of this page (mostly written by Jan Kara) that was in the quota-tools package, and also adds new material by me. The quotactl(2) manual page that was in quota-tools has been dropped from that package, so that there is now a single canonical quotactl(2) page--the one in man-pages.
  • The mkstemp(3) manual page adds descriptions of the mkstemps() and mkostemps() library functions, which were added to glibc in version 2.11.
  • The fcntl(2) man page adds descriptions of the F_SETPIPE_SZ and F_GETPIPE_SZ operations, which are new in Linux 2.6.35.
  • The madvise(2) manual page adds descriptions of the following operations: MADV_HWPOISON (new in kernel 2.6.32), MADV_MERGEABLE and MADV_UNMERGEABLE (new in Linux 2.6.32), and MADV_SOFT_OFFLINE (new in Linux 2.6.33).
  • The prctl(2) manual page adds descriptions of the hardware poison operations (PR_MCE_KILL and PR_MCE_KILL_GET) added in kernel 2.6.32.
  • The sched_setscheduler(2) manual page adds a description of the SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK flag, which was new in kernel 2.6.32.
  • The umount(2) manual page adds a description of UMOUNT_NOFOLLOW (new in kernel 2.6.34).
  • The socket(7) manual page adds descriptions of the read-only socket operations SO_DOMAIN and SO_PROTOCOL, both new in kernel 2.6.32.


Anonymous said...

btw, prctl(2) still lacks description of the PR_SET_TIMERSLACK call.

Anonymous said...

there's a typo on the sched_setscheduler man page:

"... has a negative nuce value ..."

that should be "nice" and not "nuce".

Anonymous said...

Also, the flock() man page currently does not explain the share mode locing, i.e. LOCK_MAND/LOCK_READ/LOCK_WRITE/LOCK_RW that exists on Linux and is used by Samba. Since it is difficult to find any information about it it would be great to have this in the man pages.

joven said...
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