Monday, January 12, 2009

man-pages-3.16 is released

I've uploaded man-pages-3.16 into the release directory (or view the online pages). Notable changes in man-pages-3.16 are:

  • A new pthread_getcpuclockid(3) page documents pthread_getcpuclockid().
  • A new libc(7) page provides an overview of the standard C library implementations on Linux.
  • A new rtld-audit(7) page provides an overview of the dynamic linker auditing API (modeled on the Solaris API): the functions la_version(), la_objsearch(), la_activity(), la_objopen(), la_objclose(), la_preinit(), la_symbind(), la_pltenter(), and la_pltexit().
  • The page adds documentation of the LD_AUDIT and LD_POINTER_GUARD environment variables.


Anonymous said...

please fix the link to fefe's dietlibc in libc(7). the url is
(yes, the trailing slash is needed)

Michael Kerrisk said...