Friday, December 5, 2008

man-pages-3.15 is released

I've uploaded man-pages-3.15 into the release directory (or view the online pages). Notable changes in man-pages-3.15 are:

  • A new makedev(3) page documents the makedev(), major(), and minor() macros used to manipulate device IDs.
  • A new pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np(3) page documents pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np() and pthread_cleanup_pop_restore_np().
  • The accept(2) page adds documentation of the new accept4() system call (coming in Linux 2.6.28)
  • The fmemopen(3) page adds a description of open_wmemstream(3).
  • The tcp(7) page adds a description of the use of the MSG_TRUNC flag for retrieving data from a TCP socket.
  • Many updates to the atexit(3) page.
  • Updates to many other pages
Special thanks to Petr Baudis for a lot of patches that went into this release.

Caballito del diablo ("Devil's little horse")

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