Wednesday, July 23, 2008

man-pages-3.05 is released

I've uploaded man-pages-3.05 into the release directory (or view the online pages). Notable changes in man-pages-3.05 are:

  • A new math_error(7) page describes how to diagnose errors when calling math functions.
  • A new matherr(3) page describes the older SVID-specified mechanism for diagnosing errors from math functions.

There are a few other minor changes, but this week's release is indeed smaller than usual. That's because I'm working on pending changes to almost all of the math man pages to improve: the discussion of return values, treatment of special values (+0, -0, infinities, NaN), and error diagnostics; the accuracy of the description of feature test macro requirements; and various other details. Expect a (very) big release next week.

Blick auf die Gr├╝negg, Konolfingen

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