Friday, June 6, 2008

man-pages-2.80 and man-pages-fr-2.80.0 are released

The Linux man-pages maintainer, Michael Kerrisk, and the maintainer of the French translation of man-pages, Alain Portal, proudly announce the simultaneous release of man-pages-2.80 in English original and French translation.

The English version can be downloaded from the usual release directory (or viewed online at the usual location).

The French translation can be downloaded from, or viewed online at

There is long list of changes in man-pages-2.80. Among the more notable changes are the following:

  • A new random_r(3) page describes random_r(3), srandom_r(3), initstate_r(3), and setstate_r(3), the reentrant equivalents of random(3), srandom(3), initstate(3), and setstate(3).
  • getpriority(2) adds text describing the punchier effect of nice values since kernel 2.6.23.
  • mmap(2) describes improvements for the support of MAP_POPULATE in kernel 2.6.23.
  • sched_setscheduler(2) adds a description of the SCHED_IDLE policy, new in 2.6.23.
  • futimes(3) adds a description of lutimes(3), which was added in glibc 2.6
  • credentials(7) adds some text describing how NPTL maintains the same UIDs and GIDs for all threads in a process, even though the Linux kernel allows each thread to have distinct credentials.
  • inotify(7) documents the SIGIO support that was added for inotify in kernel 2.6.25.
  • standards(7) adds a description of the upcoming POSIX.1 revision.
  • A large number of consistency and formatting fix-ups were made to many pages.

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