Tuesday, January 8, 2008

man-pages-2.75 and man-pages-fr-2.75.0 are released

The Linux man-pages maintainer, Michael Kerrisk, and the maintainer of the French translation of man-pages, Alain Portal, proudly announce the simultaneous release of man-pages-2.75 in English original and French translation.

The English version can be downloaded from the usual release directory (or view the online pages).

The French translation can be downloaded from http://manpagesfr.free.fr/download.html. The translated French pages are viewable online, along with some translated man pages from other projects, at http://manpagesfr.free.fr/consulter.html. Comments and suggestions for the French translation can be sent to manpagesfr AT free DOT fr.

A huge thanks to Alain, who has over the last two and a half years made a terrific effort to bring the French translation fully up to date with the English original.

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