Friday, December 14, 2007

man-pages-2.71 and man-pages-2.72 are released

I've uploaded man-pages-2.71 and man-pages-2.72 into the release directory (or view the online pages).

The most notable of the changes in man-pages-2.71 is the replacement of mdoc macros by man macros in 9 pages that used the former macros. This means that the only pages that still use mdoc macros are mdoc(7) and mdoc.samples(7).

Notable changes in man-pages-2.72 are a rewrite of the abort(3) man page and very many formatting fixes suggested by Alain Portal, maintainer of the French translation of man-pages.

Meanwhile, the timerfd saga goes on, after I tried using the draft timerfd_create(2) man page as a test spec.

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